Non-violent communication

Everything we communicate contains a ‘hidden’ message. That's why our communication skills sometimes let us down.


Apart from the obvious factual content, we all transport less obvious disclosures about our opinions: what I think of myself; what I think of you; and how I judge our relationship.

Even when we mean well, poor communication skills can lead to resentment, blame and conflict, where coercive or aggressive language blocks the communication process and damages the relationship.


Whether at work or at home, developing cooperative relationships lies at the heart of a successful and fulfilling life. This is where non-violent communication can really help.


The first job is to recognise and understand the ‘hidden’ messages we all send. The next, is to ensure that your message matches your intention.


Our techniques can help you to express your opinions, thoughts and feelings in a non-defensive and non-aggressive manner.

Resolving conflict, not escalating it

We all have the right to make requests, which are reasonable and to reject requests that are unacceptable. Inevitably, this is the area where most disputes occur.


Non-violent communication helps you to resolve potential conflicts before they can start.