Effective selling

Every person, every organization has products or ideas that need to be ‘sold’. And although most people don't like to see themselves as ‘sales people’, we can all profit greatly from selling.


- Companies sell products and services to their customers.

- Teachers sell the rules of the school to the children.

- And politicians sell their party’s ideas to the voters.

There are well established ‘rules’, which govern the process of selling. How do I break the ice? What are ‘buy signals’ and how should I respond? And how can I close the sale?


However, to sell really effectively, you first have to understand the motives, which drive the behaviour of the people you are dealing with. Only then, can you create and sustain valuable customer relationships, by addressing their deeper needs and wishes.

Creating the perfect match

Selling very often involves money, but it does not have to. In essence, selling is a basic human exchange of service and value: I have something for you, you have something for me.


We can help you to identify the motives, needs and wishes your customers have; and make sure your product is the perfect match.