Working with young people

Our coaching-based programmes promote the kind of personal qualities, which best prepare young people for schooling, university and life beyond.


We aim to help them become independent young adults, who are self-confident, motivated and responsible.

Pessimism, passivity and procrastination are the main barriers to personal growth. We demonstrate how these negative habits are formed; and encourage students to adopt more self-serving rituals instead.


In addition to developing positive attitudes towards school or university, there are issues like tolerance, self-assertiveness and conflict resolution, which help build character and resilience.


And what about better grades? Young people don’t lack resources; but they sometimes lack control over their resources. Goal-setting, self-motivation and other useful tools can aid students to complete their academic tasks successfully.

Getting more out of Education

Our goal is to help young people achieve more of their innate potential, by exposing them to positive new ideas.


Our work supports their progress by focussing awareness upon new possibilities, by making ‘better’ choices and by taking more action.