How is coaching delivered?

Our one-to-one coaching sessions are designed to assess your current opportunities and challenges, identify priorities for action and establish specific desired outcomes.


They increase self-awareness and your awareness of others, foster shifts in perspective, promote fresh insights and provide new frameworks for looking at opportunities and challenges.


We usually meet once a month, ideally for about for two hours.

Between meetings, you may be asked to complete specific tasks that support the achievement of your personally prioritized goals.

Where relevant, you will be provided with additional resources in the form of articles, checklists, assessments, or models to support your thinking and actions.

Our proprietary methods accelerate progress by focussing awareness upon new possibilities, by making ‘better’ choices and taking ‘more’ action.

Fresh insight - new focus

A variety of concepts, models and principles drawn from the behavioural sciences, management theory and spiritual traditions are incorporated into our coaching sessions.


Our work together creates a personal strategy, developed to make ideal use of natural strengths. Its purpose is to energize and inspire positive action.