How do coaching groups work?

Coaching groups have the advantage of generating extra momentum, which positively affects the progress of each of its members.


Group sessions are particularly popular, because the relaxed yet discreet nature of the meetings allows participants to share experiences with liked-minded people.


Typically, groups meet for a two hour session once a month.

It is the aim of the regular meetings to develop a personal plan of action and to concentrate on applying new methods and techniques.


Our sessions produce a small amount of ‘homework', which ensures that you not only ‘understand', but also take action.


You will be encouraged to try out new patterns of behaviour, in such a way, that initial ‘mistakes’ remain harmless and serve both the learning process as well as leading to new insight and understanding.

Structuring the process for you

Meetings are built around core themes, which best fit the needs of the group.


At the end of sessions, group members receive a compact set of documents relating to the topic covered.